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“Kama muta” is Sanskrit for ‘moved by love’: काममूत. It is the sudden feeling of oneness — of love, belonging, or union - with life and the universe.

 Life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals and we want to help you find yourself and realise your full potential. Our purpose is to enable people and companies to move forward in a mindful manner and start thriving, not just surviving.

Cyndy’s passion and energy for people have ensured that she is well known for being an excellent, inspirational and energetic teacher, leader and motivator. Her business skills and vast experience have led to many successful Management Training Programmes through which she has developed effective and successful managers at all levels and played a large role in the success and growth of many companies. She firmly 

believes that any successful training must incorporate the personal and emotional development of each person involved and that any company is only as strong as it's weakest employee.

She is a qualified accountant and auditor, registered and accredited Materials Designer, Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator as well as having an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing, an ODETDP Diploma and Life Coaching Diploma. She is also an expert in the Monitoring and Evaluation field, implementing and managing systems in various business sectors over the years. She has an in depth knowledge of the non-profit sector of South Africa where she is currently extensively involved, initiating and running large fundraising campaigns, marketing and social media campaigns, skills development and training  and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems required by donors.

An area very close to her heart is motivational speaking  together with skills development. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring people to take charge of their life.

“I want to make a positive and powerful difference, to enable people to realise their dreams and aspirations and be the best version of themselves possible.”

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177 Springbok Road

072 186 3312

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